Thursday, December 18, 2008

Is the Guvernator reading my blog?!

I'm pretty sure the answer is "no," Governor Schwarzenegger is not reading my blog...but check out the recent headline - Building Back: How investment in infrastructure will boost the economy.

My last post included this tidbit: "investment in infrastructure...reduces costs down the road..." Shucks, I even typed it in bold.

Prescience? Probably not. Every once in a while, common sense appears to prevail.

I should close by highly recommending that you actually read Governor Schwarzenegger's article. I'm a Canadian, so I can't say I'm a Republican or Democrat, but I tend to think consistently with what would be a Democrat in today's socio-political milieu. As such, I tend to disagree in the party stances Mr. Schwarzenegger may take from time to time, his being a Republican and all. 

But this article is excellent, and hopefully might challenge America to rescue itself from a course that must lead to ruin (read his article). Too much money is being spent on the wrong things, and not enough is being spent right in America, for Americans (read his article).

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