God and Sciences

God and Sciences: Making the Connection explores and examines:
  • scientists as people too, for better and for worse;
  • bias as a part of life for all people, including scientists;
  • faith as a force driving all (both theistic and atheistic) scientific inquiry;
  • substantial, significant and enduring contributions to mainstream, modern scientific knowledge by theistic scientists;
  • the theistic background and implications of the Big Bang theory;
  • archaeological discoveries that increasingly challenge established scientific theories, and the reluctance of mainstream scientists to acknowledge the mounting evidences;
  • scientific proof for the existence of "God";
  • and much more.
After over twelve years of research, seminars and conversations with scientists and laypeople alike, the conclusions are well-tested, reasonable, and compelling.

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God and Sciences - Making the Connection Go Deep Companion Book 9x7, Submitted Draft

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