Bodybuilders - I have a rough chapter outline for this idea, which amplifies the Pauline illustration of the church as a body of unique parts who are all equal, yet different, and interdependent, with application to modern socio-political issues.

The Gospel Vulgar  looks at the very intimate nature of the Incarnate Word and the local impact the gospel was intended to have.

I wrote Let's Talk: Tracing Communication as a Biblical Theme a few years back. It's a relevant thought that warrants some development, but is sharable in its current form.

The Poetry of God's Love will always have added significant to me because it was September 1, 2006, while I was just completing the slides for presentation the next day, that my mother died.

What's shaping up to be my magnum opus, The Gospel According to Duane, is still in gestation. A nifty piece of that is currently available however - see You Can't Handle the Truth: A Few Good Men, complexity and judgment.

An Understanding of the Times: Headship - Symbol and Challenge turned up some interesting - and challenging - ideas.

TTC: Take The Christ is the first book I wrote and published back in 1995. It's a book of modern parables from using public transit.

Everything Old Is New Again: Observing Persuasion in the New Age is on a lot of essay websites. This is the my original paper.

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